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Our focus on high stakes data privacy litigation rests on the firm belief that consumers’ solitude and personal information deserves to be protected and should never be exploited.

The Rampant Exploitation of Consumer Privacy and Personal Information.

Today many tech giants have business models that depend on exploiting your data and the technology you use to invade, catalog, and capitalize on your private life. In this era of online exploitation, Hedin LLP takes a stand for your most basic rights to privacy, candor, and control. You are not a number – your private life is yours alone.

Protecting Consumer Data Privacy with Creativity and Efficiency.

To protect your privacy rights, we employ our extensive knowledge of the law and the cutting-edge technologies being used to exploit your data to combat against these abusive practices. Our firm cuts through the hype and jargon to uncover the real interests at play and where they align, putting us in the best position to prevail on the complex legal issues of first impression on which these matters often turn.  For example, in the past two years we have earned a national reputation for our ability to routinely defeat motions to compel individual arbitration, paving the way for class-wide recoveries that would otherwise have been beyond reach.  And in cases where settlement is appropriate, even our opponents have come to respect our perspective and knack for crafting creative resolutions.

Our Data-Privacy Litigation Practices Areas: